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Sylmar Keys & Security Services is a local company committed to ensuring security for residential and commercial property owners. Therefore, we have invested in hiring the best locksmiths to offer these services. When you need deadbolt locks installed to increase the security level in your home, contact us without hesitating. We have the best equipment to make sure we meet your expectations. Here are some of the deadbolt services that we offer our clients.

Deadbolt Locks Installation

The deadbolt locks are known to be the best when you want to secure your home. Therefore, it is important to hire the best locksmith who will help you when it comes to the installation of a deadbolt lock. Note that hiring an unqualified technician might lead to losses and again, you will not be sure that the property is secure. In this regard, you should come to Sylmar Keys & Security Services and request a deadbolt installation locksmith, it is  home to the experts when it comes to deadbolt locks installation.

Deadbolt Lock Change

Another service that you are guaranteed to receive from Sylmar Keys is changing the locks in your residential or commercial property. This includes changing the deadbolt lock in your home and commercial offices. Through this service, you can choose to install another type of deadbolt lock or any other model. Our qualified technicians will help you repair the lock and ensure its done in the best way possible.

Rekeying Deadbolt Locks

If you lose or misplace the original key to your deadbolt lock, then contact our locksmith services and we will make another key for your house. You don’t have to break the deadbolt lock and incur an additional cost when it comes to replacing the lock. Instead, contact us and we will rekey the lock you are using at the best rates.

How Our Services Are Different From The Other Guys

  1. We ensure that our client’s expectations are met, always.
  2. We have the best equipment required for handling deadbolt locks
  3. The professional team behind our success will always be the one to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Deadbolt Lock Has Jammed. What Should I Do?

Whenever the deadbolt lock jams, contact only a qualified locksmith. Never risk hiring a locksmith who will not meet your expectations. Therefore, make sure that you are consulting a locksmith and don’t attempt to force open the deadbolt lock if it has jammed.

How much will you Charge for Deadbolt Services?

Our locksmiths will give you a free quote over the phone once you call us. We will then gather some basic facts about the deadbolt that you want us to repair. Therefore, contact us now for a free quote over the phone, (818) 812-1142