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European Profile Cylinders are cylinders found on doors mainly in Europe and are convenient to install and replace. The types of euro cylinders are single, double, and thumbturn with the only difference being the length.

You will also find them on most pin tumbler locks as they are very interchangeable. However, they have some security flaws that make them less safe than their American counterparts. Here are some questions you may have regarding Euro Profile Cylinders.


The Euro cylinder’s security is particularly vulnerable because the way the cam is placed in the center of the cylinder makes it especially prone to damaging attacks such as pulling and prying.

It can take less than 2 minutes to break into a standard Euro Profile Cylinder Lock. Therefore, you will want to take measures to protect yourself by strengthening the lock and covering its vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you go about replacing a Euro Cylinder?

It’s easier than you think. The cylinder is practically held in from the side with one screw, and once this is removed, all you need to do is turn the key 10 degrees either way, and then the lock should pull out of the door.

How do you measure a Euro Cylinder?

A Euro Profile Cylinder is measured in two halves from either side of the lock’s 10-millimeter center section. For example, you can measure a thumbturn cylinder on the side with the thumbturn. When you fit the cylinders, make sure that they are flush with the door furniture, especially on the outside of the door.

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