Knob Locks

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At Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we know that security is your top priority and therefore we always ensure you get the best from us. Our professional team works around the clock to offer you the best locksmith services when it comes to residential and commercial door locks. A knob lock can come in any style and color to meet your preferred aesthetic. No matter the style of your knob lock, you should always ensure the best technician serves your needs when you need any of the following knob lock services.

Knob Locks Rekeying

Whether you misplaced the key to your knob lock or you have accidentally damaged the lock, at Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we will guarantee you the best results when you need another pair of keys. We will use the best and latest equipment to make a new set of keys that will easily unlock the knob lock. Come to us for the best knob lock rekeying services in Sylmar.

Changing the Knob Lock

If you need us to change the knob lock, you can expect nothing short of maximum fulfillment. We will change the knob lock on your residential or commercial door without damaging the door. Therefore, contact our team and we will assure you top quality jobs when it comes to knob lock changing in Sylmar.

Repairing Knob Locks

As the knob lock ages, you might need to change it often. Therefore, you should always contact a professional who will repair the lock guaranteeing you that the knob lock will serve you for long. Therefore, contact our highly qualified technicians and we will be happy to serve you.

Extracting a Broken Key from Knob Locks

The key can break while you are trying to open the knob locks. When this happens, you need to look for the best way to remove the key. Don’t attempt broken key extraction if you don’t have the required equipment. Only contact a highly qualified technician from Sylmar Keys & Security Services to extract the broken key.

Reasons Why Our Knob Lock Services Stand out

  1. We use the best equipment when handling any issues with your knob lock
  2. We always respond to customer enquiries on time and with urgency.
  3. Our Customers are Always treated as the top priority

Common Customer Inquiries

My knob lock is Jammed. What should I Do?

We always advise clients to contact a professional locksmith. Therefore, don’t handle the knob lock by yourself. Only contact Sylmar locksmiths who have the advanced equipment required for unlocking jammed knob locks.

Do you Serve Clients after Business Hours?

We have a team that serves clients all day and all night. Our 24/7 emergency response team will assist you whenever you are facing issues with your door lock.