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Sylmar Keys & Security Services offers mortise locks repair and installation services. We believe that our client’s security should be prioritized always and therefore, we have the best services when it comes to mortise locks. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Mortise Locks Lockout Rescue

In cases where you have misplaced the key to your home, you will need a locksmith service provider who can handle lockouts without damaging your mortise lock. Luckily, at Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we have the best lockout rescue services that guarantee you the lock will be in good condition even after unlocking. We have high level unlocking equipment and therefore you can always contact us for the best services.

Rekeying Mortise Locks

Would you like to have your mortise lock rekeyed after a lockout rescue? We employ the best skilled workers to ensure you have a brand new lock that will open your house easily. Therefore, contact our locksmith services company in Sylmar and we guarantee you the best rekeying for mortise locks, period.

Repairing Mortise Locks

In cases of forced unlocking or using the wrong key, you might damage the mortise lock. If the lock is damaged, you will not be able to access the locked room. Therefore, you will need Sylmar Keys & Security Services for unlocking the locked door and later, you need to have the mortise lock repaired. Using advanced equipment and our technicians’ high skill set, we will help you when it comes to repairing mortise locks of all kinds. Therefore, consult our experts and we will assist you whenever you need help repairing mortise locks.

Why choose us?

  1. Licensed and highly qualified locksmith company.
  2. Experienced locksmiths with proven track record of high performance
  3. Faster Response whenever you ask for locksmith services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate Over the Weekends?

We have a 24/7 team deployed to serve clients even at night. Therefore, even during weekends and holidays, you can always contact us when it comes to locksmith services.

How much do You Charge for Mortise Lock Services?

Our pricing model is fair and affordable to our clients. However, we will not be able to give you a rough estimate of how much the service will cost. This is because there are various factors that go into consideration when coming up with the prices. Therefore, we advise our clients to contact us. Once you have explained to us the nature of the issue you are facing, then we will give you a quotation (Note: we have a $15 Service Call Fee for any technicians we send out to you).