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Padlocks have been in use for many years now. They are used on residential buildings and also on commercial buildings. However, the padlocks will sometime cause a lot of problems when trying to unlock. Therefore, it is important to know a locksmith who can help when you are facing padlock problems. At Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we have the latest technology needed for handling various challenges relating top padlocks. Some of the services that we offer include the following:

Unlocking Jammed Padlocks

Jammed padlocks can lead to house lockout which is one of the worst experiences to undergo. When you are facing a lockout issue as a result of jammed padlocks, it is important to make sure you have a locksmith who will help to unlock the jammed padlock. At Sylmar Locksmith Services, we have the best equipment and knowledge required to unlock a jammed padlock without damaging it. Therefore, contact us and we will save you the cost of replacing a padlock as we will unlock it without damaging the padlock or the door.

Re-Keying Padlock Services

You might require an extra key to your room door padlock in case you are living with a friend or a relative. Be aware that rekeying a padlock might seem simple, but you have to be careful not to hire unqualified technicians who will make a key for you that doesn’t work. Therefore, contact Sylmar Keys & Security Services when you need to hire a professional who will ensure you have a key that easily unlocks your padlock.

Extracting Broken Padlock Keys

A common issue that clients experience is a key breaking while trying to lock or unlock the padlock. This is because of forcing a key into the padlock, yet the key can’t open the padlock. Therefore, this might lead to frustration as you will not be able to use the right key even after finding it. Trust Sylmar Keys & Security Services when it comes to extracting a broken key from the padlock.

Reasons Why We Are the Padlock Stars of Sylmar

  1. We offer a fast response to our client’s requests
  2. We can Handle all types of padlocks
  3. Experienced locksmiths who can assist with all issues regarding padlocks

The Most Common Questions We Get

  • How Long Will it Take to solve a Padlock Issue?

We service padlocks within the shortest time possible. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problems with your padlocks, trust us for the fastest solutions

  • I use the Old Generation Padlocks. Do you Still Service Them?

We have the required knowledge to handle even the oldest padlocks that you might be having. Therefore, contact our locksmiths and you will be assisted.