Wall Mounted Locks

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Wall mounted locks are used mostly on mail boxes and also wall mounted cabinets. By their nature, they require to be installed while the walls are still being constructed. Therefore, it might become tricky to work on an already installed wall mounted lock whenever you need to do any changes. Again, it becomes necessary to hire a highly trained professional who can handle the wall mounted locks service. At Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we offer the following services when it comes to wall mounted locks.

Installation of Wall Mounted Locks

When you want to install mail boxes or wall mounted cabinets, there is a need to install the wall mounted locks. As illustrated above, the best practice is hiring a locksmith who best understands how to install the wall mounted locks. At Sylmar Keys & Security Services, we employ qualified and experienced locksmiths who will install wall mounted locks whenever you need the lock.

Repairing Wall Mounted Locks

Are you experiencing a jammed wall mounted lock? This can be the worst nightmare especially when you want to access important documents. Don’t worry because Sylmar locksmith services, will offer you the best repair to ensure your wall mounted lock becomes operational again. Just dial us up and we will be glad to reinstate your wall mounted lock within the shortest time possible.

Rekeying Services for Wall Mounted Locks

Misplacing the key to your wall mounted lock is a common occurrence leading to lockout. Once we offer lockout rescue, it is necessary to make a new key for the wall mounted locks. Therefore, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you rekeying services.

Lockout Rescue

Are you locked out and can’t access your wall mounted cabinet or mailbox? All you need is an expert who can rescue from such an incident. Contact Sylmar Keys & Security Services and we will rescue you from a wall mounted lock lockout.

Why Contact Us?

Our customers believe in us for various reasons. These include:

  1. We guarantee our clients fast response
  2. We have the best equipment that is needed for wall mounted locks service and installation
  3. Proven track of Qualified performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We Just Got Locked Out of Our Wall Mounted Mail Box. How much will you Charge Us for Lockout Rescue?

The total amount you’d need for wall mounted locks lockout depends on various factors and therefore we will be in a better position to advise you on the total cost if you call us.

  • Will You Be Available Over the Weekends?

We offer 24/7 services throughout the year. We are therefore, always available to serve our clients when they call us.