Tips On How To Enhance Front Door Security

front door securityTips on How to Enhance Your Front Door Security

The front door in your home should be carefully selected and security enhanced to ensure it is not a welcoming mat for thugs. Did you know that the front doors that look secure at first glance might actually be most welcoming for thugs?

Therefore, right from the time of selecting the front door that you want to install in your home, there are several things you ought to think about. In this article, we will feature some of the safety features you need to think about when it comes to front door security.

Pick a Solid-Core Door

Just as the name suggests, a solid core door is solid from the back to the front side. In most cases, the solid core door is made from wood by products and it is dense and heavy, enabling it to withstand any attempts to kick it open. Compared to the hollow core doors, this might be a little more expensive, but it provides better security.

Consider a Windowless Door

In most cases, home owners choose front doors that have a window so as to take advantage of the window to offer some light into the entrance way. Have you ever thought of the home security threat that this kind of front door with a window comes with?

In case the window goes down such that the arm can reach the lock after smashing the window glass, then this should be changed immediately. Choose a front door that doesn’t have a window instead. Otherwise, consider reducing the size of the window.

Install a Deadbolt

Your front door is as strong as the lock it carries. If your front door lock doesn’t reinforce the security, then even fixing a steel door will be meaningless. Therefore, choose a deadbolt that will provide high-security features for your home and specifically the front door.

Avoid picking the cheapest model and go for a brand that is trusted by locksmiths. Therefore, you might need an expert to advise you before you make the wrong choice of deadbolt.

Check the Front Door Frame

Many times, homeowners tend to consider the front door look and forget about the door frame. Did you know that the front door frame is even much more important? Apparently, even if you install a steel door but fail to install a strong front door frame, your efforts will be meaningless when it comes to enhancing the front door security. Therefore, always go for the front door design that comes with a strong, kick-proof door frame.

Install Security Cameras at the Front door

Nine times out of ten, a burglar will freak if they see a security camera above them as they try to break into your house. Therefore, you might want to invest in some high-security cameras to really secure your property. Advanced technology allows you to monitor whatever is happening while away from home. Therefore, invest in good quality security cameras.


The front door usually carries your home’s security and therefore, you should never compromise its security features. Therefore, when installing the front door, consult an experienced locksmith for additional security tips. Consider that every day, burglars are working on how they can break into your home and therefore, you ought to improve your security as a result.

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